Sunday, 27 February 2011

"Union Battles: A 'National Campaign' Against Labor?"

sounds familiar

"East Timor's independence"

"Will banksters get away with it?"

"Ukraine's betrayed revolution"

"Saleh defiant in face of protests"

"China police block tiny protests and harass journalists"

"Tunisian PM Mohammed Ghannouchi resigns over protests"

"Cuba dissident Ladies in White march confronted"

"Oman clashes: Two killed during protests in Gulf state"

are you a member of the Oman government? or involved in the protests?

please tell your stories

Friday, 25 February 2011

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"Ivorian troops kill protesters"

"Fresh violence rages in Libya"


the live stream report on AJE was reporting that 2 col.'s defected to Malta after being ordered to fire on their own people. And repeated the reports of Libyan diplomats quitting. Could be positive I suppose.

Watch the video of Gaddafi on TV saying he's in Tripoli.

anyone see a solution besides invasion?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

"China police break up 'protests' after online appeal"

and the ABC's story:

and NPR's version:

Green Witness!/greenwitness

follow them on twitter.

Can you confirm what Green Witness are reporting?

please tell your stories.

"Libya unrest: Scores killed in Benghazi 'massacre'"

and AJE's story:

and NPR's version:

"Protests break out at neo-Nazi march in Dresden",,14854947,00.html

"Cries for help from Benghazi"

"Algeria police prevent fresh opposition rally"

"Yemen protests: Five killed at anti-government rallies"

are you involved in the protests in Yemen?

are you a member of the Yemeni government or police?

please share your stories?

"Egyptians celebrate but military starts talking tough"

are you on strike in Egypt?

are you a member of the military government?

please share your stories?

"Wisconsin budget cuts: Madison rally attracts thousands"

and AJE's version:

are you a member of a union in the US/Wisconsin?

are you a member of either government or a public sector employer?

please tell us your stories.

"Deaths as Ivory Coast forces open fire on protesters"

can you confirm the BBC's story?

are you a member of the Ivorian government/military?

please share your stories.

"Libya protests: Reports of intense Benghazi violence"

AJE's story:

and the ABC's version:

are you in Benghazi?

are you a member of the Libyan government/security?

please tell us your stories.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Djiboutians rally to oust president

can you confirm Al Jazeera's story?

are you a member of/associated with the Djibouti government?

Bahraini protesters fired upon


Panama clashes: Guaymi angry over copper mining law

are you Guaymi?

are you a member of the Panama government or a company planning to mine copper?

please share your stories

BBC's collection of stories from inside Bahrain, Yemen, Iran and Egypt

"Libya protests: 84 killed in growing unrest, says HRW"

can you confirm Human Rights Watch/the BBC's stories?

are you a member of the Libyan government?

please tell us your stories

"Refugees on the run and off the radar"

alright it's plainly a push poll, but still the results are disturbing (and not just because people can't recognise a push poll when they see one!).

Friday, 18 February 2011

"Women Cover War: Dodging Bullets, Sexual Assault"

I hesitated to link this at first, some of you may know how personally I take this and that's not what I want this blog to be about. Also I thought that the initial claims that it was an attempt by Mubarak supporters to draw anger against the protesters was, well, overly speculative (although if its true it worked; just have a look at some of the reactionary blogs for that!). Not that I know (it just looked like taking advantage to me).

Thursday, 17 February 2011

"Apple admits China factory workers poisoned"

new follow up on this story from a while back.

could this change anything? The analysts quoted in the story don't seem overly enthusiastic.

do you work constructing electronics? or for Apple?

please tell us your stories

"China reporters 'roughed up' trying to visit activist"

can you confirim the BBC's story? Have you had similar experiences?

Are you a member of/associated with the Chinese government?

Please share your stories.

"Clashes spread in Bahraini capital"

Can you confirim Al-Jazeera's reports?

are you a member of/associated with the Al-Khalifa family or the Bahrain government?

Please send your stories.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

"Protesters killed in Yemen clashes"

are you a part of the protests?

alternatively: are you a member of/associated with the police?

please tell us your stories

"China quake activist sentenced on subversion charges"

"Houston elects first openly gay mayor"

again going through some older events.

"Aboriginal inmate served breakfast from rubbish"

an older story now, but worth remembering.

Do you have an alternative view?

Were you involved in the incident?

Do you work for/have any association with the NT police?

please tell us your story.

a dylan song

a morally problematic website

It strikes me as worth discussing the status of those who commit acts of victimisation and oppression. We immediately think of governments as the perpetrators of such crimes. However, I would like to suggest that just as important are acts committed by companies, unorganised groups and individuals. I'd like to give an example that I think falls into one of these categories, although I do not know which one. Here is a website which I find morally problematic:

I find this site problematic because of the subjugation of children (for sexual gratification) it links to. Now this site seems to pose an interesting and difficult problem. There is no depiction of children actually being assaulted on the site. It shows a few pictures of unproblematic pornography (i.e. clearly professional adults) and that's all. It does link to sites which show children being attacked, but these are not obviously signaled on the page. Indeed where you are sent from the page seems to be (pseudo)randomly determined. The actual attacks on children do not seem to have a straight forward or direct relationship to the site. So, here is the problem: we want to stop the oppression and victimisation of children, but would we be exercising too much control over people were we to shut down such sites?

Now before I finish I wish to point out that I hesitate to use such an example- there is a wide spread fear of (and I think odd fascination in) sexual assaults on children and I do not wish to contribute to either (the fear or the fascination).

The idea of this

Hi all,

my aim here is to create a list of injustices. Not a comprehensive list, nor a particularly novel list. Just a list of what is happening. The point being to remind those of us who live well of some of the things we should care about. I would also, from time to time, list events that give us reason to be optimistic about the future.

I will generate this list from 3 main sorces
1) the mainstream English speaking media, eg. ABC, BBC, AJ, DW, NPR etc etc etc- please do send any stories I miss!
2) my own experiences
3) your experiences

Now as to source 3, feel free to e-mail anything you wish to make public. I will check over each story for obvious flaws in reasoning and personal abuse and may make requests for parts to be rewritten. For honesty's sake submissions of this nature will be labeled as 'one-sided' and 'unverified' and well be posted with requests for alternative perspectives.