Wednesday, 16 February 2011

a morally problematic website

It strikes me as worth discussing the status of those who commit acts of victimisation and oppression. We immediately think of governments as the perpetrators of such crimes. However, I would like to suggest that just as important are acts committed by companies, unorganised groups and individuals. I'd like to give an example that I think falls into one of these categories, although I do not know which one. Here is a website which I find morally problematic:

I find this site problematic because of the subjugation of children (for sexual gratification) it links to. Now this site seems to pose an interesting and difficult problem. There is no depiction of children actually being assaulted on the site. It shows a few pictures of unproblematic pornography (i.e. clearly professional adults) and that's all. It does link to sites which show children being attacked, but these are not obviously signaled on the page. Indeed where you are sent from the page seems to be (pseudo)randomly determined. The actual attacks on children do not seem to have a straight forward or direct relationship to the site. So, here is the problem: we want to stop the oppression and victimisation of children, but would we be exercising too much control over people were we to shut down such sites?

Now before I finish I wish to point out that I hesitate to use such an example- there is a wide spread fear of (and I think odd fascination in) sexual assaults on children and I do not wish to contribute to either (the fear or the fascination).

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